Art from the Mountains

Chantal focuses on the pigments and colors, made by herself of the stones of the mountains in Portugal, the Costa Vicentina. Either by using a lot of colors, or by limiting to brown or gray lines, she manages to capture the balance in compositions and colors.

“Mostly, I start my design process in interior design work with an impression of the atmosphere. The rugged coast and the colours of the mountains inspire me. I started collecting pieces of stone to create colour combinations for the design of a house in the Algarve of Portugal. Warm earth, ochre and salmon tones to deep red rock became challenging colour combinations. This is how the production of pigments and the mixing of my own paint for my paintings arose.”

Chantal now processes the fine rock on her canvases by mixing the pigments with oils and acrylic paint and a finish of fine gold leaf. The structure of the pigments of the mountains provided a beautiful base. It became a new collection of paintings.”

Presentation Art Mountains Chantal van Leeuwen 2

Presentation Art Mountains Chantal van Leeuwen 3

Presentation Art Mountains Chantal van Leeuwen 4

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