Collection Door Panels - 'Past Life Memoires'

When I paint portraits, faces appear through my brushes. A story will arise appropriate to the face.
It is a process of images and words. I am the medium of this process.
"Past Life Memoirs" my mission to capture this faces in art.

Every face has a story to tell, painted on Antique Door Panels by Chantal van Leeuwen

A serie of three Antique Door Panels of a cabinet. Past Life Memoires of Soul Sisters.
The Journey of Soul Sisters. Some day they will embrace each other.

A soul connection, sisters, twins. The Journey of Soul Sisters. Some day they will embrace each other.

Artist: Chantal van Leeuwen
Price on request
Sizes of each Panel: 150 x 55 cm

* The Journey in Stillness.
Be still and listen to precisely that which you do not want to see and do not want to know about yourself.
An actual loving consciousness is silent in itself and knows itself completely.
Down to every shadow and part of the light. It is the untold power of inner awakening.
Which, in the linear NOW, sees (over) the consequences in the longer term.

Klein Formaat Chantal Composition Atalaya

IDoor Panel Noa 2   

ChantalVanLeeuwen 39

Antique pitcher in dark room 2       DEF Door of Comporta Door Deur Schilderij

Detail Door of Comporta   Detail Door Panel of Comporta gezicht

Large industrial loft bedroom 1
Composition De Atelier Artista Chantal van Leeuwen



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