'Layers of Space' a serie of paintings

Open fields, deep blue lakes, pine forests and small villages. The Spaces in which we live and work can influence not only how we feel but also how we interact with others, how productive we are and our resulting life experiences. 

A Serie of Paintings in Mixed Media - 30 x 30 cm

For me Nature is filled with fascinating layers, where everything has found its specific spot to bloom and tell its story.
This serie of Paintings is a Memoire of Summer 2020 on the Island of Ibiza (Spain)

Artpieces 'Layers of Space'
Size: 30 x 30 cm
Price on request
Maker: Chantal van Leeuwen

„Fascinating Layers of Space“

Layers of Space 2Layers of Space - 1


Layers of Space
Layers of Space - 2

SeaScapeSummer2020 Layers of Space - 3 - SOLD

image00003 Layers of Space - 4 - SOLD

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